Optimize Efficiency

Our startup grew by triple digits several years in a row. Today we are implementing our approaches for companies achieving outstanding results with a few key approaches.

Netsuite Integrations

Integrations are a critical piece that deliver measurable value with each packet transferred. The approach is critical so as to not bury the systems on any endpoint, and as the number of systems in a network increases linearly, traffic incresaes exponentially and hence the problem requires alternative approaches.

Netsuite Process Automations

Process auotmations are low hanging fruit. Simple math can dictate whether the effort is worth it. Where this gets particularly interesting is when you start to perform actions that were otherwise too expensive with the lower marginal cost.

EDI Systems

EDI is really a beautiful integration done nearly perfectly. Frustrated with the time it took and the control of many of the leading systems, we built our own.

ECommerce Architectures

From aquisition to checkout speed to post sale experience our approaches are as unconventional as our conversion rates, but once someone can show us conversion rates that beat ours, we'll change our ways.

Founded Startup

We built a startup, originally slated as a B2B exchange, a model that would be rapidly iterated on over time to evolve into a systems integrator / equipment distribution company.

Recognized as Fast

We're recognized as one of the fastest growing companies in America by Inc. Magazine. We would go on to win this recognition for the next four years.

Focusing on Software

As bandwidth becomes abundant, the founder pivots to implementing software for companies, and launches a development company after being pushed out of the company he founded

Global launch of brand

As solutions continue to deliver real value for customers, the founder decides to make another go at the fast growing company thing and begins to build a Brand focused around deploying technology smart.

Enterprise Architecture & Platform Integration

Once an integrator always an integrator. We cut our teeth building integrations in satellite communications networks and the principles we learned in how to transfer large payloads around capacity constrained, high latency networks gives us a unique perspective and has resulted in us creating some of the most performant systems and architectures available. We've reengineered many systems and the results are similar: dramatic performance and stability increases.


Our process

At the heart of our operation is a process, honed and refined over many years spent working on high-profile projects. Along this journey, we've had the privilege of learning from some of the best and brightest minds in the industry. These experiences, coupled with our own insights, have shaped a process that consistently delivers results while fostering innovation and efficiency.

Detailed requirements, comprehensive diagrams, testing procedures written in advance, and an agile approach to communicate the progress. We may not be around forever, so we want to make sure what we do is understood by the next team.

Years of hands-on experience and learning have taught us that this process works. It's a systematic approach, but it's not rigid. We've refined it to be adaptable, ready to meet the unique challenges and opportunities that each project brings. It's how we turn smart technology choices into tangible business success.

At the forefront of our mission is our people

At the core of our organization is a culture that values learning, growth, and excellence. We understand that our greatest asset is our team - the programmers, strategists, and engineers who breathe life into our technology solutions. We are committed to nurturing top-tier talent and providing an environment where brilliance thrives.

As programmers ourselves, we understand the immense value of a 'rockstar' - that standout individual who not only excels at their craft but also elevates the entire team. Our organization is centered around attracting, developing, and retaining these rockstars.

To ensure this, we invest heavily in our team. We provide them with the best tools, continuous learning opportunities, and an environment that encourages innovation and collaboration. Our focus is on empowering our team, knowing that by doing so, we empower our clients.

We believe that by nurturing the best and the brightest, we deliver the best for our clients. This culture enables us to consistently deliver solutions that are on time, on budget, and exceed expectations in functionality and performance. It's not just about meeting goals - it's about surpassing them and pushing the boundaries of what's possible with technology. That's our culture. That's who we are.


Our highest conversion rate

That was unusual but too often we see conversion rates in the 1 - 2% rate. What that means is your dogs don't like the dogfood. Time to fix it.

30 Years

Working on state of the art solutions for state of the art problems.

From bleeding edge software platforms built from the ground up to bleeding edge communications systems built to pushing the limits of spectral efficiency, our engineering prowess is grounded in broad experience.


Performance Increase

After carefully refactoring a mission-critical complex custom implementation built on top of Netsuite resulting in potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars of freed compute resources.